High stimulant pre-workout powder from Alpha Gorilla the creators of Yeti Juice

An insane combination of stim and pump in one product!

Per 24g Serving (2 Scoops):

L-Citrulline Fermented 8000mg

Beta-Alanine 4000mg

L-Tyrosine 2500mg

L-Taurine 2300mg

Nitro Rocket (R)(Arugula Extract) 1000mg

Alpha GPC 800mg

Caffeine Anhydrous 500mg

Juglans Regia 450mg

DMAE 310mg

Vitamin C 300mg

L-Theanine 260mg

Pink Himalayan Salt 200mg

Hordenine 150mg

Astragin 100mg

Paradoxine (Grains of Paradise Seed Extract Aframomum Melegueta)(12.5% Paradol) 75mg


Cherry, Ibiza Juice, Pacha Fruit, Paradise Krush


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