Serving size 1 scoop (25g)

Energy 89kcal 

Fat 0.24g

Carbohydrates 0.09g

Fibre 0g

Protein 22.5g

Salt 0g

Ingredients 100% Whey protein isolate (Milk), (Emulsified with Sunflower Lecithin), Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavour, Sweetener (Sucralose)

Amino Acids

Alanine 1250mg

Arginine 525mg

Aspartic Acid 2750mg

Cysteine 550mg

Glutamic Acid / Glutamine 4525mg

Glycine 350mg 

Histidine 425mg

Isoleucine 1500mg

Leucine 2400mg

Methionine 550mg

Proline 1375mg

Serine 1150mg

Threonine 1675mg

Tryptophan 350mg

Tyrosine 650mg

Valine 1375mg



Banana, Cafe Latte, Chocolate Dessert, Mango & Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Vanilla


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