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Our JPre Pump is designed for those that are incredibly sensitive to stimulants or for those that train late and do not want to interfere with sleep, or for those who struggle with appetite issues when stimulants are included. A further potential user group would be those that like to control the number of stimulants they add to their pre, so this could be combined with JPre Stim or lower dosing of JPre Stim, but still getting all the pump benefits this product aims to deliver.

We learned from Prepare, that 5000mg of patented glycerine is an incredibly raw, this sets aside our pump from any other sole pump formulas, in both quality and dose of glycerol monostearate. We decided also to go with free form citrulline in this product due to it as a stand-alone product, yields the most effective pumps, and the goal of this product is solely pump. We have included the highest effective doses of both sodium nitrate and beetroot extract to again further drive blood flow and pumps.

We are confident that at the price point, it will be one of the most popular


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