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EXTREMELY STRONG, Both myself (Conor) and Alice tested Stim Head during our Monday squat session. Incredible energy and focus plus it didn’t taste to bad! Most high stimulant pre-workouts tend to have a very potent bitter taste, Chaos Crew has done a very good job at masking this with a lovely blueberry lemonade flavour. 

The only negative comment I can say about Stim Head is that I did affect my sleep, not so much falling asleep but more the quality of sleep, with this I mind I wouldn’t recommend taking it to late in the evening. 

Overall a great Pre for those of you who want something very strong and high in stims.

From Chaos Crew:


 * 100% transparent label.


 * Zero proprietary blends and fully disclosed dosages of each active ingredient.

 * Decreases muscle fatigue & exercise-induced exhaustion. 

* Extreme energy



Beta-Alanine –  which plays an important role in the production of Carnosine in the body. Increasing Carnosine levels via Beta-Alanine supplementation is shown to support a decrease in fatigue, coupled with an increase in workload and time to exhaustion.

 L-Taurine which has also been shown to help endurance and can also volumize muscle size by drawing more fluid into the muscle cells.


L-Tyrosine Improves attention, focus & mood it is an amino acid that is a precursor to neurotransmitters, including Dopamine, Noradrenaline and Adrenaline. The benefit of L-Tyrosine will not only give you extra energy to push through a gruelling workout, but it will also help to increase concentration, alertness, and focus.


Tamarindus Indica Extract was included for its ability to manage oxidative stress as well as its ability to move glycogen into the muscles. Along with this glycogen the body stores water with it which helps the muscle look full and engorged.


Stim Head is jam-packed with all most 900mg of stimulants per scoop. We strongly recommend starting with half a scoop to access your tolerance!


This is not a pre-workout for first-time users, this is a product at the very extreme end of the stimulant spectrum and even experienced stimulant users should exercise caution when using this product! Half a scoop is highly recommended for first-time use! No billy Big balls double scooping on first use, please!


Blueberry Lemonade, Strawberry Watermelon


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