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No Code is a BCAA/EAA based product with an added 2500mg of instatised leucine, HICA, Phosphatic Acid, Magnesium, and Astragin. 


Per 14g Serving (2 scoops)

Amino9 7500mg 

– L-Leucine 2845mg

– L-Lysine 1090mg

– L-Threonine 766mg

– L-Isoleucine 626mg

– L-Valine 591mg

– L-Phenylalanine 406mg

– L-Methionine 290mg

– L-Histidine 244mg 

– L-Tryptophan 41mg

Instatised Leucine 2500mg

HICA 1500mg 

Phosphatidic Acid 750mg

Magnesium Oxide 375mg

Astragin 50mg 





Caribbean Cooler, Pink Soda Pop


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