CNSport – Double Super Heavy Knee Wraps 


  • Recommended for Experienced lifters 


  • Pliable enough for self wrapping 


  • We recommend these wraps be used for 1-3 reps (Use Super heavies for rep work) 


  • Incredible stopping power 


  • 2cm gap in logo end for use in wrap roller 


  • Overlocked stitching on each end for maximum durability 


  • Added orange wrap indication lines for consistent and precise wrapping 



Available in 2.5m + 3m. For 2m please contact us HERE


We have found that the Double and Triple Super Heavy Knee wraps can tend to fray, This is only cosmetic and won’t affect the wrap. We believe this is due to the higher amount of rubber. 

If using a wrap roller we advise that you do not over tighten the wrap. 


2.5m, 3m


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